Welcome to Company, Story & Brand

We are a boutique firm based in the Atlanta Metro area. Our passion lies in building talent, brands, properties and dynamic virtual companies.

Put us to the test.

What We Offer

We provide a full suite of services for TV personalities, chefs, entrepreneurs, fashion, design and beauty bloggers, authors & experts.

Our Clients are considered thought and opinion leaders who want to simplify their lives and are willing to enter into a mutually beneficial long-term relationship with a micropreneur business development expert to manage and grow their virtual companies.

We serve micropreneurs who expect excellence and have made a firm commitment to achieving it themselves. In general, the people who most value our services:

  • LOVE WHAT THEY DO and recognize the need to create new opportunities for themselves
  • are big thinkers and action-oriented
  • have given themselves the freedom to pursue their passion
  •  have achieved expert status in one or more areas
  •  are self-motivated with a strong desire to serve others and share their accumulated knowledge
  •  friendly, helpful, open-minded
  • Brand Management 75%
  • Product Development & Monetization 55%
  • Digital Platform Design & Management 100%
  • Talent Management 40%

Our Work Flow

Platform Development

First we design a beautiful, personally-branded digital platform based on your passion and objectives.  This will be the hub for all of your future social strategies, , advertising, promotions, sales and PR.



In today’s connected, mobile world, your digital platform is just the start. Employing a critical strategy for product development, marketing and sales that incorporates the right combination of online and offline marketing tools is crucial. That’s why an integrated full service marketing agency like Company, Story & Brand offers you the best chance of success.

And then we launch...

And launch again and again. Introducing your first idea is just the beginning. As you create new materials – we provide the technical and brand expertise to support your endeavors, wherever they may lead you. From books, to podcasts to TV and radio careers. We’re ready and able to support your future campaigns and initiatives.

Talent Management

For mid-career clients pursuing opportunities in TV, radio, internet media, publishing or speakers circuit we offer commission-based talent management services. These services are generally retained only after a client has experienced some success and needs assistance managing publicity, schedules, product launches, campaigns and endorsements.

Take a look at one of our recent projects...

Dr. , M.D. and Dr. , M.D. engaged Company, Story & Brand as they embarked on writing and launching their first book.

The Modern Trophy Wife, is filled with highly practical and medically sound guidance, The Modern Trophy Wife gives women the tools to strengthen, deepen or revitalize themselves and their relationships. Noted psychiatrists Dion Metzger, M.D. and Ayo Gathing M.D., are both renowned for their ability to speak with inspiring wisdom and humor on important matters of the heart, mind and spirit.

Services provided

Company, Story & Brand provided


“I have worked with Lise for four years now. She has helped to bring my dream career to life. It began with a conversation about my vision and it was brought to life in the brand she created. Her knowledge, work ethic and impeccable attention to detail are a winning formula for a success for your company. I am now a health media expert and just finished co-authoring my first book. I am so grateful to have found her and looking forward to future ventures. The sky is the limit!”

Dion Metzger, MD

Health Media Expert, DSM


“Company, Story and Brand delivers the insights that matter to your brand and your company’s bottom line. The “Unconventional CEO”, Lise has the capability to really zero in on your value and bring it to life using digital strategy, product development and brand management practices. She was able to provide the solutions that helped my agency break through the the noise in today’s marketplace and stand tall among the giants.”

April Nicole Driver

CEO, AND Consulting